Las Mercedes represents the maximum expression of a great coffee that has always been cared with dedication and perseverance for four generations in the Ortiz family. Only mature cherries with perfect ripeness are allowed. The cherries are subjected to screening before depulping to eliminate twigs, leaves and other foreign material; also to separate the floaters from the bulk.

Las Mercedes mill uses the wet process which means that the fresh ripe cherries are received immediately after they have been harvested, (this is done because the pulp of cherries of questionable freshness tends to adhere strongly to the parchment which has an adverse effect on the taste of the coffee.) The cherries are received at the ceramic tiled ditches, washed with fresh collected rainwater from our tanks and immediately fed into a pulper which consists of rotating disks or cylinders each one fitted with adjustable knives. These are designed to separate the bean from the flesh of the fruit while leaving each bean intact in its parchment envelope. The pulp is eliminated with the collected rainwater of the tanks and the parchment is collected in the washing channels. Finally, it is sun dried to perfection in clay patios surrounded by beautiful landscapes.

The drying of the beans takes from 8 to 12 days in the clay patios it will depends on the amount of sun the patios received and on the weather. In order to avoid uneven drying and cracking of the parchment, we stir the thinly spread coffee at regulars intervals.

Coffee Description:

“Multidimensional, complete coffee from start to finish, lively acidity, round body, substantial, juicy, intense fruity flavor, creamy, type of fruits: cherry, plum, peach, buttery, honey and chocolate-cocoa.” Cup of Excellence 2006 Juror.

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