Workers at Las Mercedes receive educational talks on first aid, health and conservation of natural resources. These talks are given by experts in each area, directly improving the awareness and consciousness of our workers towards the community were they live and work.

The community is also benefited from various social projects funded by our company such as: monthly food relief for an elderly home, building, furnishing, and supplying the community school, support to the communities soccer team and donations to the Red Cross. Likewise and most importantly, Las Mercedes provides medical care to workers, as well as a quarterly reward of food supplies and clothing, as acknowledgement for their hard work and commitment to the farm.

In December we had the inauguration of the clinic, in which our buyers were part of the support in this effort to give more benefits to the community, always looking on the best interest to support the community. Detail [+]

Las Mercedes is constantly making efforts to preserve natural wild life by taking special care of the disposal of by-products from the mill in order to avoid contamination also, in compliance with our certifications, chemical and pesticides are carefully store and managed by trained personnel, avoiding intoxications and contaminations. In the last years, a great effort has been made in planting native trees to preserve these species, as well as helping fauna that depends on them.

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